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Ladies, have you ever partnered up on a weight-loss program with a member of the opposite sex? It could be a friend, co-worker or sibling, but for the sake of this article, we’ll say it’s your partner or spouse.

The two of you set the same goals, follow the same eating program and invest an equal time working out. After three weeks of diligent effort, you have lost two pounds, while your beloved is 10 pounds lighter and down one pants size.

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If you are resident of Snohomish County and live in Mukilteo, Everett or Lynnwood, you owe it to yourself to be healthy. Lift to Lose offers full fitness training for all age groups and fitness levels. I offer individualized personal training, group classes and Nutritional Counseling for all ages that will improve your fitness and aid in healthy weight loss. Everett and Mukilteo are convenient to our location, which offers easy access, free parking and a beautiful view of Puget Sound while you workout in our modern facility. Contact me and start working on a healthier you!

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Senior Citizens:  Regular exercise, strength-training and a nutritious diet are key to feeling younger, stronger and more stable.  My personal training and weekly Senior Strength & Balance  group exercise class in Mukilteo  will strengthen your muscles, bones and joints while improving your posture and balance.

I offer small group exercise classes and private personal training sessions at the beautiful Rosehill Community Center in Mukilteo. We are conveniently located for all residents of Mukilteo and Everett. Fitness training is easy as there is a full gym available to us, as well as a private training studio.  My training and classes will build muscle on your body and burn fat, and both come with the Lift To Lose Fitness & Nutrition guarantee:  You’re going to LOVE your workouts.

Nutrition:  As a certified Mukilteo nutritional therapist, I  successfully get my clients off of the yo-yo diet train and teach them to embrace healthy eating.  No going hungry, no banishing entire food groups, and no starvation diets.  With my remarkably simple program, weight loss occurs at a realistic, manageable pace and stays off for good. We stabilize your blood sugar and keep sugar and carb cravings at bay.  Together, we focus on three main things:  Eating intervals (how frequently you consume food), proper nutrient ratios at each meal and snack (protein, fat and carbs), and consuming the right amount of calories to keep your body satiated while shedding fat.  These three things will stabilize your blood sugar and keep sugar and carb cravings at bay. My plan will help you and if you live in and around the Mukilteo and Everett area, please contact me for a consultation.

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The nutritional plans I create for my clients are 100% unique to each individual- no cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all diet. Together, we go over your eating habits and the foods you enjoy so I can create a meal program that leaves you satisfied.  Pair my exercise and fitness program with my nutritional program, and get ready to lose the weight for life. For the most personalized and successful nutritional plan for serious weight loss in Everett or Mukilteo, please call me today. 

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Working on nutrition with Catherine, I have lost 30  pounds.  6 inches are gone from my chest, 6.75 from my waist, and 6 from my hips.  My chronic ankle and hip pain are already gone 95% of the time.  The return of my confidence has affected every area of my life positively. I've told Catherine that I am grateful for her every single day.  Some days, hourly.  Her coaching is invaluable.  Being accountable to someone is a must for my change.  I'll post again in 20 pounds!   -Maddi B., 46

​Catherine is extremely efficient, more doing than explaining, and aware of our particular limitations. My wife and I trained with her to learn appropriate exercises. She provided us a printed outline of our training sessions so we could take them to the gym as we develop our own weight training program. She also publishes articles on nutrition and related health articles. I am very happy that we met her and greatly benefited from her instruction. If you are new to exercise or are a gym rat she will provide a very positive training experience -Jim M., 72

​This is the first time EVER I have stuck to an exercise class for this long - 15 months!!! I am much stronger because of Catherine's group class. No two classes have been alike - she keeps us motivated & explains everything as we go, with special instructions for those of us with bad knees or backs. I highly recommend her classes! -Karen H., 59

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Fitness fads come and go. I've tried them all and I've taught many of them- and always, I return to the place where I get the best results and the most enjoyment: The weight rack. 

I believe strength is the core of a solid, effective workout program. Fifteen years ago, I completely changed the shape and size of my body when I switched from a workout program made up of mostly cardio to a program comprised almost entirely of strength-training. Yes, cardio is important and has its place in all of my group exercise classes and private training sessions, but weight lifting is where the magic is at.

Make no mistake of it: You have to LIFT weight TO LOSE weight- and Lift To Lose Fitness, Mukilteo will get you there.  Contact Mukilteo Fitness Trainer Catherine Bongiorno today!


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Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain strength, compete athletically, or just get off the endless yo-yo dieting cycle, Lift To Lose Fitness & Nutrition will help you reach your goals. Catherine Bongiorno warmly welcomes you to her facility at the Rosehill Community Center in Mukilteo, Wa, conveniently located near Everett.  Please explore her website, and contact her when you are ready to improve your fitness, your nutrition, your life and LOVE your body.

Catherine Bongiorno: Personal trainer, group exercise instructor, nutritional therapist, Fitness columnist for The Everett Herald.

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