Mukilteo Personal Trainer/ Group Exercise Instructor

Catherine Bongiorno: Personal trainer/ group exercise instructor at the lovely Rosehill Community Center in Mukilteo,WA, across from The Red Cup Cafe.

Fitness fads come and go. I've tried them all and I've taught many of them- and always, I return to the place where I get the best results and the most enjoyment: The weight rack.

I believe strength is the core of a solid, effective workout program. Fifteen years ago, I completely changed the shape and size of my body when I switched from a workout program made up of mostly cardio to a program comprised almost entirely of strength-training. Yes, cardio is important and has its place in all of my group exercise classes and private training sessions, but weight lifting is where the magic is at. Make no mistake of it: You have to LIFT weight TO LOSE weight- and Lift To Lose Fitness, Mukilteo will get you there.

I offer classes that cater to different fitness levels, beginner to athletic. My latest addition is a gentle senior strength program that is safe for those suffering from arthritis and osteoporosis. Training with me, you will grow strong, get lean, and feel empowered. You will NEVER get bored with the workouts I design- I change them up so the mind stays present while the body burns fat and builds muscle. All classes and training sessions come with the Lift To Lose guarantee: You're going to LOVE your workouts.

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