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LIFT TO LOSE Fitness & Nutrition

For more information on Sedona Fitness classes offered by Lift to Lose, please contact me directly at (425) 791-4488. Don't forget that you also need proper nutrition. Sedona Lift to Lose clients can benefit from weight loss and improved eating habits with my professional guidance. Lift to Lose is conveniently located in Sedona. Fitness is important and being convenient to Sedona makes it easy for residents of both cities to participate in my group classes at any time. Email me or call me for more information. For Sedona Group Class schedule, please click on the Calendar tab at the top of the page..

Pilates Fusion

An effective blend of strength, flexibility, balance and core training. All levels welcome.  

Tues, 11 am - 11:50 am

Lotus Studio in W. Sedona

Starts Sept. 5th

Senior Strength & Balance

Designed to build muscle and bone density while improving posture and balance. A gentle and effective class that reduces the risks of falls.


​​Small Group Senior Training

Work your core, strength, posture, cardio endurance and balance in this remarkably effective training session. Space limited to 6 participants. 


 Body Sculpt

A fun, full body strength-training program that will tighten, strengthen and firm all areas. 

Thur, 11 am - 11:50 am

​Lotus Studio, W. Sedona

Starts Sept. 7th


Lift To Lose Fitness & Nutrition offers classes that cater to different fitness levels, beginner to athletic. The latest addition is a gentle senior strength program that is safe for those suffering from arthritis and osteoporosis. Training with me, you will grow strong, get lean, and feel empowered. You will never get bored with the workouts I design- I change them up so the mind stays present while the body burns fat and builds muscle. All classes and training sessions come with the Lift To Lose guarantee: You're going to LOVE your workouts.

Drop-ins available, $15/class, space permitting

Fitness and Nutrition, Sedona, AZ

2050 Yavapai Dr. #3a, Sedona, AZ 86336

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Class Descriptions & Schedule

(See Calendar for pricing)

Class Enrollment

There are two ways to enroll in Lift To Lose classes, training or nutrition:

1. Enroll through my website. You can sign up via PayPal in just minutes.​

2. Pay me directly with cash or check.  (Email me for my mailing address.)