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Nutrition Counseling Mukilteo WA | Lift to Lose | Everett
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Lift to Lose | Mukilteo Nutrition

Continued Coaching (if needed): $50/week

  • Reevaluate health goals
  • Follow up on recommendations from consultations and modify as needed
  • Provide individual meal planning, food ideas and shopping tips
  • Regular correspondence via email and phone in regards to your MyFitnessPal recordings and your workouts
  • Take fat percentage readings and body measurements

  • Your health and fitness require proper nutrition. Nutrition is the cornerstone of Lift to Lose Fitness, and I will help you reach your goals. Contact me when you are ready to change your eating habits for life.

​​Nutritional Coaching in Mukilteo

Two Week Intensive: Initial 45-minute consultation plus two weeks of personal consulting: $150

  • Collect information on dietary habits, lifestyle, medical history, food cravings, weight loss/weight gain struggles.
  • Collect three day food journal
  • Set health goals and present recommendations
  • Schedule your workouts (if applicable)
  • Set you up on MyFitnessPal, a free smartphone app and website that tracks diet and exercise to determine optimal nutrients and intake based on the goals we set for you. I will log in to your food diary 3 times per week to monitor your eating and check your workouts, ensuring your path to weight loss is on track.
  • Take fat percentage readings and body measurements
  • ​​If this is outside the comfort of your budget, I am happy to do a single sit down session with you ($60) at my Mukilteo facility, which includes a 45 minute consultation and setting you up on MyFitnessPal .

Gift certificates available: Email info@lifttolose.com to make a purchase. 

Fat loss requires both smart eating and regular, challenging workouts, not either/or.  As a Mukilteo nutritional therapist, I am firmly against dieting, as deprivation does not keep weight off for good. Rather, I focus on balancing blood sugar levels in order to reduce cravings, preserve lean muscle mass and provide your body with optimum nutrition while burning fat. Couple that with consistent, effective workouts and fat loss is inevitable!  My clients have had great results with this simple method of eating, and it has worked for me for years. I coach you daily via emails and MyFitnessPal, an app that allows me to review your nutritional habits without you having to be at my facility in Mukilteo. Rates and plans are listed to the right.  

If you are ready to give up deprivation dieting and embrace a healthy, lasting means of weight loss, I can help you.  Contact Lift To Lose Fitness & Nutrition, Mukilteo, and lose the weight for life. 

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