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My Sedona personal training sessions are 45 minutes in length. Prices include sales tax. Save money with partner or small group training! See prices below:

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Pre-paid package of 10
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Two People

Three People

Four People 

On a budget?  I run small group training sessions at a reduced price. Email for more info.

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If you are sick, please stay home.  The last thing your body needs is exertion when it is fatigued and fighting a nasty bug, nor do we want germs spreading to the rest of the class.  I will allow you to make up your missed classes in the month they are missed.  Please note, make-up classes cannot be rolled over to the next month, with the exception of Rosehill closure.

Class Cleanliness:

For your health as well as fellow classmates, please clean your mats and workout toys after use.  There are sanitary wipes in the group ex studio by the doorway as well as in the gym.  Please return group ex equipment to the storage closet, cabinet, or weight rack.  Lift to Lose Fitness provides clean workout towels for your personal use, should you need one.

Group Class Drop-ins:

Drop-ins are welcome in any class, space permitting, $15/class.  Contact Catherine to reserve your spot:  425-791-4488 or contact Catherine now.  Drop-in cancellations are asked for a minimum two-hour advance notice.  No-showing may result in a $15 charge.

Late Policy:

Clients are responsible for arriving on time to their personal training sessions.  If you haven’t contacted Catherine after 15 minutes of the scheduled start time, the remaining time of the session may be lost.  If you are running late for a group class, let Catherine know via text/email and she will gladly set up your workstation for you.

Policies | Sedona Training

Personal Training Cancellation:

Clients are asked to call 24 hours in advance of the scheduled training session.  You will be charged for appointments cancelled within fewer than 24 hours notice, barring emergencies or unsafe driving conditions (see Inclement Weather policy).  Call/text Catherine at 425-791-4488 to reschedule.

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