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If you are resident of Sedona, give my training and classes a try. Lift to Lose Fitness & Nutrition offers training and weight loss programs for all age groups and fitness levels.  Both of my Sedona locations offer easy access, plenty of parking and beautiful views of the red rocks. Contact me and start working on a healthier you!

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Senior Citizens:  Regular exercise, strength-training and a nutritious diet are key to feeling younger, stronger and more stable.  My personal training and upcoming Senior Strength & Balance  group exercise class in Sedona will strengthen your muscles, bones and joints while improving your posture and balance and increasing your stamina.

I have worked at various senior centers over the years and have experience training those with Parkinson's Disease and early onset Alzheimer's. I offer private personal training sessions at the beautiful Lotus Studio in West Sedona.  My training and classes will have you feeling strong, stable and more supple, and the Lift To Lose Fitness guarantee comes with each session:  You’re going to LOVE your workouts.

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